Friday, 15 May 2009

Sketch book work

The followings are some of the images that inspires me to produce the triangular shape sculptures.The images shows the Victorian time English house which has got the pyramidic shape at the top of each house.I thought this unique shape has got some cultural references like the pyramid in Egypt.So i decided to find out more about the Victorian time suburb houses.This leads me to made research about other triangular shapes architecture built in Birmingham and some other countries.Although i couldn't get any traditional or cultural background that has related to the triangular shape,i came up with an idea to display this unique shape in a graphic way.The sculptures that i made represents those triangular shape houses.Above all the forms and the different textures that surrounds the triangle has given me the direction to produce lots of that shapes with different colors and materials.

Some of the animation that displays suburbs architectural structures.The primary aim of these animations are to show different structures that is combination of colors, textures,line,texts,shade,volume,and materials in an abstract way.

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