Friday, 15 May 2009


These are some of the artworks produced by different artists in different art movements(such as Constructivism,Cubism,Futurism,and New Generation or Minimalism.I like their artworks because it creates good composition using lines,shapes,colors,and textures.They have got elements that i want to use in my triangular sculptures that represents the suburb architectural building in Birmingham.All these art works produced with different mark making techniques(including the collage,physical sculpture or materials and painting techniques.)The way they display texts with images is one thing that i like about these art works.For instance the first art work by Stepanova,was produced using photographic image of building along with some other collaged papers (with texts to give it more life.)It is obvious that the Constructivism was influenced by the works of Pablo Picaso,who has produced artworks using bits of cardboard,string,and other odd items.

The above artwork is by Stepanova,Varvara Fedorovna

The above work is by Barque,George.Again the Cubism art movement is one of the basis for my triangular sculptures.His work gave me an idea how to display architectural landscape.

A contemporary critic,Louis Vauxcelles,stated that Braque 'despices form and reduces everything,landscapes and figures and houses,to geometric patterns,to cubes'.The accusation is understandable but unjust.The details here may be disregarded(no doors or windowsin the houses,no leaves on the trees)- Braque does not even distinguish between the houses and the hills that surround them - yet he makes strenuous efforts to give a sense of reality in terns of palpable mass and three-dimensional depth. Source: The World's Greates Art (Modern Art) by Michael Kerrigan

According to Braque 'The senses deform,the mind forms'.If we see his artwork that displays House at L'Estaque,you can tell that they look like houses because of their three dimensional form even though they don't have the basic things that makes them like a real house.He just used some tree and paint the cubes with different perspectives.I am using the smae techniques to display those suburban landscape by adding some textures to the triangular objects.You can tell by looking the textures on the papers what those pyramid shape are about.I want to show the viewers the suburban landscape using the same method Braque applied.Just by using different texture o papers together with texts and colors.

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