Sunday, 17 May 2009

Inspiration _ reference

These are screen grabs of animation from the Universal Everything.Video directed by Karsten Schmidt.It was produced for Advanced Beauty Film Series project.It is really fantastic short film.The combination of the moving image and the audio are effective.I like it because it has an element ( such as colours and textures) that i am trying to achieve with my animation that will display about the suburb architectural houses.Basically in this particular short film,the movement of the objects seems as if they are floating in an open air space.Because there is no image (in the background) that contradicts with the colour and texture of the moving sculptures.You can clearly see the beauty of the moving sculptures with the timing of the soundtrack.It is effective even though there is no texts or words in the film.I can say that the audio gives the moving images more life.Without the soundtrack,the movement doesn't give sense at all.This is something i want to use in my animation.

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