Sunday, 26 July 2009


Font designed based on aviation_airplane engine

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Final_Major_Project show in our FEED studio Birmingham

My final major project in the FEED Studio Millennium Point,Birmingham.The idea behind my work is personal interpretation of the suburban houses which were built during Victorian era.I used the pyramid shape paper sculptures to represent the triangular shape that is found at the top roof of each house.All the graphic elements such as images,textures and texts on these paper sculptures represent Birmingham.
Suburban environment not only about the houses but it is also about the movement and noise created in the surrounding.My animation is mainly focused on the audio (such as traffics,thunder,city morning etc...)produced in this environment.

My posters showing personal interpretation of architectural work.

The above poster was designed based on life brief for the 'Nail Carer' service provided by NHS.The idea was to design contemporary logo and poster that is slightly medical and Hair and Beauty Salon.

General over view of our show in the FEED Studio Millennium Point_Birmingham